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DSDLink lets you place direct
beverage orders—at any time.

DSDLink offers Coastal Beverage customers the simplicity of ordering online at any time. Our partnership with DSDLink lets you place your own orders—without contacting a CBC representative. Use the DSDLink website or app to view products and order for your scheduled delivery day.

Set up a DSDLink account.
Use the website or download the app.
Order anytime.



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What Is DSDLink?
  • + DSDLink is an app and website that lets you enter your own Coastal Beverage orders.
  • + The app runs on tablets and mobile phones (Android or Apple).
  • + The app/site works like typical online shopping sites—browse for products, enter order quantities, check out, etc.
  • + The app/site shows current Coastal Beverage products, availability, and pricing.
  • + On the app/site you can create an order that will be delivered to you on your next scheduled delivery date.
Why Should I Use DSDLink for My Coastal Beverage Orders?
  • + DSDLink lets you order the way you want when you want.
  • + DSDLink gives you the convenience of ordering on a phone, tablet, or laptop—any time.
  • + DSDLink gives you flexibility—browse all Coastal Beverage products and determine your own order quantities.
What Can I Do with DSDLink?

DSDLink is a very easy-to-use shopping app with many useful features.

  • + DSDLink provides easy reordering for your usual Coastal Beverage order.
  • + DSDLink shows your monthly sales rate and order history to help you decide on a correct order quantity.
  • + DSDLink lets you browse all available Coastal Beverage products to look for new products to sell.
  • + DSDLink allows sorting by product type style, ABV, region, etc.
  • + DSDLink gives you real-time availability and pricing so you know what to expect for your delivery.
  • + DSDLink lets you track your orders and deliveries.
  • + DSDLink lets you review your invoice history.
What Products Can I Order with DSDLink?
  • + You can order any Coastal Beverage product that is authorized forsale in your area.
  • + DSDLink will show whether a product is currently in stock to help you make your purchasing decision.
Does DSDLink Show Pricing?
Yes! DSDLink shows current pricing and discounts based on your scheduled delivery date.
Can I Specify or Change My Delivery Date Using DSDLink?

Coastal Beverage has fixed delivery routes that run on predetermined schedules, so your scheduled delivery days and weeks cannot be changed.

DSDLink will only let you place an order for your next scheduled delivery date or any future scheduled date.

You can place an order any time up to the order cut-off time on your
normal sales day.

Can I Change My Order After I Enter It in DSDLink?
Yes! To add additional product(s), submit an additional order before the order window closes.

To delete a product or change a quantity, contact your CBC sales representative.

How Do I Know If I Successfully Placed an Order Using DSDLink?

DSDLink will notify you about order and delivery updates during the entire process.

  • + As soon as you place an order, DSDLink will send you a Pre-Delivery Notice confirming your delivery date, products, and total price.
  • + DSDLink will automatically notify you when your order has been delivered.
  • + DSDLink will send automatic “reminders” when it is time to place your next Coastal Beverage order.
How Do I Get Started with DSDLink?
You can sign up and get started with DSDLink immediately! See the Coastal Beverage Getting Started Guide for details.
How Do I Reach the DSDLink Support Help Desk?

DSDLink is an easy-to-use direct ordering application for Coastal Beverage retail customers. But if you experience technical problems, have product or service questions, or just need help getting started, help is easy to access.

Contact the DSDLink product support team directly.

  • + technical issues
  • + app or site function
  • + account problems
  • + error messages


DSDLink app menu (three bars in top left corner) >> Feedback >> request support

Contact your Coastal Beverage support representative.
  • + questions about current products
  • + questions about new products
  • + questions about kegs
  • + questions about point-of-sale materials
  • + pricing
  • + order status
  • + delivery dates
  • + inventory availability
  • + general “how do I . . . ?” questions
Will I still see my Coastal Beverage sales representative?

Yes! Contact your sales representative for information about the schedule.



DSDLink makes ordering from Coastal Beverage Company convenient.
A video and sample screens show how easy it is to place your Coastal Beverage orders online at the DSDLink site or using the DSDLink app.

Take a video tour of the DSDLink system to see how it works.
Download a brief user’s guide with app screenshots.

Ordering is simpler with DSDLink. Every CBC beverage—with details—is easy to access.
Every past order is easy to reorder. Deliveriies are easy to schedule. And DSDLink ordering is available online or on your mobile device—anywhere, anytime.


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