Coastal Beverage Company, Inc.

Beer, Wine, and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Distribution

Our Legacy

January 1, 1960

Lewis T. Nunnelee II founded Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. beginning operations with six employees. The company serviced six counties and less than two hundred customers in its first year of operation.


Between 1978-1988 Coastal Beverage Company wins the prestigious “Miller Masters Award” seven out of ten years. The award recognized the top 15 performing Miller Brewing Company distributors in the country.


Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. makes its first acquisition purchasing Field Distributing Company (Wilson, North Carolina).


Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. acquires Belcross Beverage Company (Elizabeth City, NC).


Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. acquires C.O Tankard Distributing Company (Washington, NC), Atkinson Distributing Company (Tarboro, NC), Allied Distributing Company (New Bern, NC), Dodd Distributing Company (Rocky Mount, NC), and Taylor Distributing Company (Goldsboro, NC).


Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. acquires Tarheel Distributing Company (Elizabeth City, NC).


Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. wins the prestigious “High Life Achievement Award” consecutively in 2004 and 2005 awarded by Miller Brewing Company.


Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. acquires Onslow Beverage Company (Jacksonville, NC).


Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. celebrates its 50th anniversary. The company now services thirty-eight counties and over five thousand customers.


Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. acquires Atlantic Shores Distributors (Wilmington, NC).

Our Mission

Building our company with so much integrity that at the end of the day, every beverage wants to be a Coastal Beverage.

As one of the leading beverage distributors, we are the masters of our craft and fate. Our cultural manifesto is simple:  Integrity, adventure, and a life lived responsibly. This is the relentless pursuit of excellence we strive for every day.

The only prohibition we support is that against mediocrity which is why at the end of the day, every beverage wants to be a Coastal Beverage. Coastal Beverage Company:  more passion by volume than any other brand.


Tuney Nunnelee

Tuney Nunnelee

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Tee Nunnelee

Tee Nunnelee


Brian Rector

Brian Rector

Chief Financial Officer

Audrey Robbins-Bledsoe

Audrey Robbins-Bledsoe

Vice President of Human Resources

Frank Hurst

Frank Hurst

Chief Operations Officer