Valeda | Coastal Beverage Co.




One of the greatest in infuences on Valeda’s life has been her father. He works as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, but for Valeda, he’s a life coach—her advisor and her friend. He has always supported Valeda and has helped her build confidence in her decisions and independence in her life. So, when her dad told her about a local job fair featuring CBC, Valeda went—and after meeting the CBC team, she filled out an application, was hired, and has worked at the Farmville Service Center ever since.


Valeda started out as a Trade Analyst, and over the past eight years has worked her way up to her current position as a Red Bull Brand Manager. She loves traveling, meeting new people, and building relationships, and she feels like she’s learning new things every day with her participation in regular training experiences.


Valeda shares some advice with her team that she first learned at home: “First, trust your gut. And second, let it go. I tell my team, ‘Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Just be brave, be prepared, be confident, and make a decision.’ I encourage them to work together, and we make work fun.”


One of Valeda’s favorite accomplishments at CBC was her promotion to manager. “I was only 26 years old, but CBC trusted me to make good decisions, and they let me learn from my mistakes. One of my personal values is trust with my friends and with my family—so trust in my work relationships was incredibly important to me. It is my goal to continue to earn that trust every single day.”


The skills that help Valeda do her job well are these decision-making capabilities, her confidence, and her public speaking skills. As a member of the debate team in high school and as a communications major in college, she now brings her experience into the boardroom. The secrets to her success are simple: personal accountability, hard work, listening to good advice from mentors, having a plan, and being prepared.


Valeda’s favorite CBC story describes the support that so beautifully characterizes the company. When an employee’s son was sick with cancer, the executive team asked if team members wanted to donate a day for him so that he could spend more time with his son. “CBC is family-oriented, and I love that,” Valeda states. “At another point, one of our sales reps was caught in a tornado that demolished his house, and CBC raised funds for him as well. It’s great to watch the example set by the executive team. We take care of each other at CBC.”


Valeda dreams of continuing her positive, confident, joyful work at CBC. “What I want in the future is to be happy. I have so many friends who are unhappy in their jobs, but at Coastal, my team and I have so much fun every day. I never dread coming to work, and I love what I do. We take silly pictures! We have a positive attitude and outlook! And we radiate good energy—which people feel in the marketplace. I really believe this element is a key to Coastal’s success—happy employees. Someone told me once that I will never get rich in the beer business, but I disagree. The friendships I have formed, the adventures I have been able to experience, and the laughter I share every day—I am rich for sure.”