Felix | Coastal Beverage Co.




Felix started out on the warehouse floor at CBC and has held positions as a delivery driver and a sales representative. Recently, Felix has been promoted to management, currently working as a delivery supervisor. He found out about CBC through a temp agency, gave it a try, and quickly loved the work because everyone immediately made him welcome. “I felt like the company wanted me there, and that made me feel good and made me want to work hard.” Felix came on board full-time, got down to business, and ran toward every opportunity the company provided. Over time, his coworkers became his special friends, and some were even in his wedding.


One of the biggest influences on his life has been his wife. She has taught him about family, sacrifice, and being present for each other. “It’s not just about Felix anymore,” he says with a smile. “We have a four-year-old daughter, and for the two of us, it’s about raising her together to be the best person she can be.”


Felix’s dad also played an important role in shaping him to be the man that he is today. As a blue-collar worker, his dad taught him to work hard, keep his head down, and “bust his butt.” Other great mentors in his life also taught him about integrity and how to go the extra mile—every time. One friend, Sharice, helped him with self-improvement and spiritual guidance when he needed it most. She taught him to always remember these three things: who he is, what he is, and Whose he is. Felix is grateful daily for those who have shaped and made him a better man today.


For Felix, the secret to his success is simple: “I come to work every day and try to do things the right way. If you know me and are around me, this is my main thing. Success isn’t a coincidence—it comes from a learned mindset. You show me an opportunity, and I’m going to kick the freaking door down.”


Felix has great memories of one of his favorite moments at CBC. His boss called and asked him to put his name in for a promotion, discussing with him whether he was looking to move up in the company. “He told me that my name was gold, and somehow that put everything in place for me. It was powerful. He thought to call me and made sure I understood that and knew that. It validated me and gave me a broader picture of how I’m seen. This is why I love working at CBC.”