Aja | Coastal Beverage Co.




Aja served in the Air Force prior to coming to CBC and was the first in her family to be placed overseas—initially in England where she did warehouse and computer work, and next in Saudi Arabia and Iraq post-9/11 where she trained with the security forces squadron. Aja found CBC through an unemployment agency and has now worked for CBC for over six years as the head replenisher.


Aja says that the Nunnelees are a huge reason why she is committed to CBC. “They are a wonderful group of people who I just love working for! I have never known a family-owned company to honestly care about their employees before,” she says. “But they truly care. And the group of people I work with—we are a family.” She loves the way her team laughs together, checks up on each other when there’s a concern, and meets up socially outside of work. “I even go to work when I’m sick just so I can be with my friends!” she laughs. Aja says that working with people she cares about, and for people who care for her, drives her to work hard every single day. “I love my job. I drive the forklift, I do paperwork, I ask lots of questions, I learn how the company works—and the joy I take in all of this keeps me dedicated.”


One of Aja’s favorite CBC memories happened right at the beginning. “My first day, my boss had me outside practicing pallets. I wanted to use the real beer palettes, and the first pallet snapped in half in mid-air! I had to let it fall and thankfully only two cases got damaged. But my boss Bernard looked at me and asked if I was a rookie, and I quickly said, ‘No—I am a professional.’ We laugh about this all the time!”


Aja’s says the biggest in influence on her life was her mom, whom she lost over four years ago. Her mother was a schoolteacher who worked hard and was always a fighter when things were difficult. Aja says her mom would tell her, “Sometimes in life we must do things we don’t want to do.” When times are hard, Aja still hears her mother’s voice say, “Keep pushing through it!”—and she does. For Aja, these thoughts carry her through grief and motivate her to press on when challenges come.