Aaron | Coastal Beverage Co.




Aaron has been with CBC for over 23 years and currently serves as Import Brand Manager. He started with CBC right out of high school. His family had moved away, but he stayed to begin to build his career with CBC—first as a grocery stocker part-time, then on full-time days while attending night school. Aaron quickly became the general “go-to guy.” Once he graduated with his business administration degree, finishing college just like he had promised his parents, he moved over to sales.


Aaron’s CBC career transitioned to the Farmville warehouse, where he served on premise for many years, eventually working his way up as area manager, delivery manager, operations manager, and now import brand manager. Learning different aspects of the business was important to Aaron, and he continues to be content exploring new experiences.


The biggest influence on his life has been his father, the greatest man Aaron says he’s ever known. And his bosses at CBC—Bill Hoisington, Clark Moore, Tim Eldridge, and Scott Southern—have supported him and pushed him at the same time. These influences have made Aaron what he is today as a hard-working leader.


Aaron shared a great story about the friendships and support he has experienced at CBC. “I was living in Wilmington, working for CBC, and was transitioning to Farmville. To break my lease in Wilmington in order to move would mean a penalty. As a 23-year-old kid, it was a huge amount—close to $1,000, and I didn’t know how I was going to handle the expense. After a conversation with my boss, I was offered a place free of charge until I could recoup the fee. I realized CBC was a family and that people were looking out for me. And I never looked back. It was an amazing gesture—something I’ve never forgotten.”


Aaron believes in serving CBC customers, no matter what his position with the company. “The secret to success is to never forget we are in the customer service business. Being honest with our coworkers and with customers—that integrity can never be replaced. My goal is to listen to understand first instead of listening to reply. This will put you on a path of success.”